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Get in quick! May Special: 4 carpets cleaned for ONLY £89.99, that's only £22.50 per room! Or do you need a sofa, rug, mattress or maybe you're thinking about getting that kitchen floor cleaned! why not give us a call , all our quotes are free and our prices are among the most competitive around.

Proper gutted, ale stains on me ma’s carpet la?

Customer  : Lid, I’m Proppa gutted, I’ve got theze mad stains all over me carpet!

Eco :  Go'ed, how'd it happen, what did ya do?

Customer : I add a sit off last night an spilt a load'a ale on me ma’s carpet. she proppa flipped on me, gotta sort it pronto lad coz me al'fella said he's gunna kick me ed' in if I don't.

Eco : Its alright la, chill out, ya in good-ands',  ale spills r ded easy to clean an I do this all the time.

Customer : Sound. Listen mate, I've rang all sorts of plazzy carpet cleaners an they want silly money. I rang a fella b4 from Dirt-cleaners or somit an he wanted a one'ner, an then some bute from the Stain-movers wanted a tonne 50. So what's the score, whats it gunna set me back? I’m brassic mate.

Eco : Look mate, calm down for a sec will ya, for what you need which isn't that much it'll be 30quid all-in.

Customer  : Zthat it? Go'ed mate - crack on and just get it sorted, I’m in Toccy.

Eco : Sound, Be abar an hour.

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