Carpet Cleaning Bootle

Looking to book a steam carpet cleaner in Bootle?

Eco Steam Clean are a local carpet cleaning company in Bootle specialising in carpet and upholstery cleaning. Steam cleaning is universally considered the best carpet cleaning method available today, not only does it sanitise your carpet but it eliminates all dust mists too.

Our steam carpet cleaning system can reach temperatures as high as 280°f. Mounted in our van and equipped with over 200ft of hoses, we attach the pipes to the steam generator in the van and stretch the hoses all the way into your property. This allows our system to be set up in under 5 minutes and we can clean a lounge carpet in 20 minutes!

Our steam cleaning process doesn’t just get your carpet back to its former glory, it also kills of any dust mites or other unwanted guests that may be lurking in it.

Book us today for the best carpet cleaning in Crosby and find out why steam cleaning is the future!


A carpet cleaner Bootle can rely on

Carpet cleaning in Bootle has never been as simple as it is with Eco Steam Clean. We have outstanding reviews from a wide range of customers in the area, proving out expertise in carpet and upholstery cleaning. What specifically is it about our approach that customers like? Here are a few top points:

  • Our 10 step carpet cleaning process includes inspection, preparation, vacuuming, steaming, and drying.
  • We don’t use chemicals in our carpet cleaning process.
  • The hot steam we use to clean also eliminates dust mites and other lurking critters in your carpets.
  • Our approach is eco-friendly and sustainable.
  • We use our own electricity and water rather than siphoning yours.

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