Carpet Cleaning Mossley Hill

Do you need to hire a carpet cleaner in Mossley Hill?

When your carpets need cleaning, there’s no point in getting anyone but the best carpet cleaner in Mossley Hill.

There are others who’ll use cold water (leaving sopping wet carpets for days), hot water (which often just can’t achieve the results you want), hand held machines (they don’t usually pack the required power) and chemicals that will leave you breathing in residue for years.

Only Eco Steam Clean use the power of our truck mounted generator, with the fantastic results of extremely hot steam (up to 280°f!), with all natural citrus products. So when you hire Eco Steam Clean you get absolutely the best carpet cleaning in Mossley Hill.


Call Eco Steam Clean for carpet cleaning in Mossley Hill

We’ve been cleaning carpets in Mossley Hill for years and have built a great reputation with local customers. We’re different to other carpet cleaners in the area in a number of ways including:

  • We work sustainably in an eco-friendly way
  • Our cleaning process doesn’t involve the use of any chemicals
  • We go through 10 steps to clean your carpet, from inspection to steam cleaning
  • Steam cleaning doesn’t just get your carpets clean, it also kills off any dust mites or fleas
  • We use our own electricity and water so you won’t end up with a hefty utility bill

Find out why we’re popular by booking us to clean your carpets in Mossley Hill today. Contact us by phone on 0151 384 5700 or get in touch through our online contact forms!