Carpet Cleaning Wavertree

Need a carpet cleaning company in Wavertree?

When you need a great a carpet cleaning company in Wavertree, we can help make life easy for you. There’s a lot of choice, but none can offer the results or service of Eco Steam Clean. Our video reviews are from real customers, and our photos are of real jobs. We’ve saved more carpets than we can count, and saved our customers thousands of pounds.

We never use chemicals so your carpet is not only clean but healthy (we don’t think we should leave a chemical residue for your children or pets to crawl around in). We use hot steam from the most powerful truck-mounted generator in Merseyside, so we work fast and you get great results. And to top it all off, our prices are great!

If you need your carpets cleaned, go for the best carpet cleaner in Wavertree, Eco-Steam Clean.


Wavertree’s trusted carpet cleaner

We’re a reputable carpet cleaning company in Wavertree, with a wealth of online reviews backing up our claims that we’re reliable, trustworthy, and experienced. What about Eco Steam Clean keeps customers coming back for more? Here are a few key reasons we’re popular in Wavertree:

  • Our 10 step cleaning process is thorough and comprehensive so you’re guaranteed a great result
  • We only use steam and natural cleaning products, no chemicals!
  • We work in an eco-friendly and sustainable way
  • While cleaning, we use our own supply of water and electricity so you don’t end up with inflated utility bills
  • As we use hot steam, your carpets won’t just end up clean, they’ll be free from any pests like dust mites or fleas

We’re proud of our approach to cleaning carpets in Wavertree and our professionalism and experience have paid off in the reputation we’ve gained. If you want to get your carpets cleaned by professionals, call Eco Steam Clean on 0151 38 5700 today and book in.