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Eco-Steam Clean
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Get in quick! March Special: 4 carpets cleaned for ONLY £89.99, that's only £22.50 per room! Get in quick! March Special: 4 carpets cleaned for ONLY £89.99, that's only £22.50 per room! Get in quick! March Special: 4 carpets cleaned for ONLY £89.99, that's only £22.50 per room! Get in quick! March Special: 4 carpets cleaned for ONLY £89.99, that's only £22.50 per room! Get in quick! March Special: 4 carpets cleaned for ONLY £89.99, that's only £22.50 per room!

Carpet cleaning in Maghull

Looking for cost effective carpet cleaning in Maghull?

If you need a cost effective carpet cleaning company in Maghull…look no further than eco-steam clean, we pride ourselves on being the cheapest and the best carpet cleaners in the Maghull areas.

As you can see from this video we use steam instead of cold water extraction, using high temperature steam cleaning prevents over wetting your carpet and your carpet will be dry in no time at-all.

With no toxic chemicals you can be sure that your enviroment will not be harmed in any way, and if you have small children or pets they won’t even know that the carpets have been cleaned!

Our system is universally considered the best carpet cleaning method in the world today!

Give us a call today for a free quote.

Hall stairs and landing carpet cleaning Maghull