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Eco-Steam Clean
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Get in quick! March Special: 4 carpets cleaned for ONLY £89.99, that's only £22.50 per room! Get in quick! March Special: 4 carpets cleaned for ONLY £89.99, that's only £22.50 per room! Get in quick! March Special: 4 carpets cleaned for ONLY £89.99, that's only £22.50 per room! Get in quick! March Special: 4 carpets cleaned for ONLY £89.99, that's only £22.50 per room! Get in quick! March Special: 4 carpets cleaned for ONLY £89.99, that's only £22.50 per room!

Carpet cleaning in Prescot

Do you need a carpet cleaning company in Prescot?

Do you need a high quality and great value carpet cleaning company in Prescot?

Then look no further…  Eco-Steam Clean is a friendly local carpet cleaning company, we pride ourselves on our great customer satisfaction.

Our high powered steam generator is mounted in our van, so all we need is to be able to park outside your home.  We don’t use your water or electricity, and we’ll work with minimum fuss.  

Steam is the most hygienic and powerful way to get out dirt, grime, stains and smells (even pet smells and hair).  And because we never use chemicals, you can be assured that whatever we clean for you, you’ll be delighted with results that look and smell great.

We’re happy to quote you by phone, so you’re just a short chat away from knowing what we can do to help you.  And because work for you seven days a week, we’re bound to be able to arrange a time to suit you.