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Eco-Steam Clean
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Get in quick! March Special: 4 carpets cleaned for ONLY £89.99, that's only £22.50 per room! Get in quick! March Special: 4 carpets cleaned for ONLY £89.99, that's only £22.50 per room! Get in quick! March Special: 4 carpets cleaned for ONLY £89.99, that's only £22.50 per room! Get in quick! March Special: 4 carpets cleaned for ONLY £89.99, that's only £22.50 per room! Get in quick! March Special: 4 carpets cleaned for ONLY £89.99, that's only £22.50 per room!

Commercial carpet cleaning in Liverpool

Looking for a professional carpet cleaner In Liverpool?

More commercial cleaning in Action

If your in need of a professional carpet cleaner in Liverpool - Merseyside area’s then look no further than Eco-steam clean Liverpool Ltd.

We will clean carpets, rugs, upholstery, Leather, Rugs in various commercial premises inc. retail, hotels, B & B, offices, public houses, clubs, restaurants, cafes, sports facilities in a one off clean or regularly maintain your commercial property by way of contract cleaning.

Its not just Liverpool we provide commercial carpet cleaning services to, Our vans travel all over Merseyside including over

on the Wirral.

If you have a business in need of some TLC than give us a call, we provide an excellent service and all our operators are dressed in company uniform.

This video is us in action, we’re cleaning an Indian restaurant in Crosby, yip we really are this good! Give us a call today 0151-384-5700 or 07549-422549.

Liverpool and beyond

Eco-steam clean Liverpool Ltd specialise in commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning in Liverpool -Merseyside.  We’re fully trained by BICs (British institute of cleaning science) and we also hold a current ABC green  deal provider certificate, which means we are trained to a high level of health and safety and also a green deal provider.

So why choose Eco-steam clean Liverpool ltd?

Recently commercial jobs we were asked to clean were the carpets on the 135ft super yacht-Lady Sandals, once owned by the actor Nicholas Cage, now owned by Sandals resorts.

Steam cleaning your carpets and upholstery will keep your workplace feeling fresher and extend the lifetime of your expensive fabrics.

Being a commercial company we know you don’t want your carpets and upholstery left soaking wet for days on end - we have a definite advantage here, because we use really hot water reaching temperatures as high as 230c- we never use not cold water, and never we never use any toxic chemicals.

Think about it - steam is great for sterilising, removing smells, killing dust mites and it  doesn’t leave things soaking wet or shrink fabric.

It’s not just people who have asthma that will benefit from a steam clean - you will rest easier knowing that your employees won’t be off sick due to a un-hygienic working environment.

Why steam cleaning?

Other commercial cleaning

Boat cleaning-Lady Sandals

This is us cleaning a public house on the Wirral just after new year, as you can see from the picture, the half that we have cleaned is spotless but with a steam powered generator

Mounted in our van we cut through dirty carpets.