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Are you trying to find out what style of carpet you have? read below our list of various carpet styles and fibers.

Carpet types and cuts explained


The density of a carpet is very important for the longevity of a carpet , why? Because it shows how many fibers are in the pile of the carpet. An easy way to look at this is : the denser the carpet, the better quality of the carpet. To test the density of any carpet simply run your fingers through the top of it. If it feels hard on the top the carpet is more than likely to be a dense carpet. We love dense carpets like Axminster carpets,  in our opinion Axmonster carpets are simply the best carpet on the market today, cleaning them is a dream for a carpet cleaner like Eco-steam clean Liverpool Ltd, It doesn’t really matter if they haven’t been cleaned in 10 years or not , they always seem to bounce back as good as new when professionally cleaned.


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Getting to know your carpet styles

Many people buy carpets and go through many years not knowing what type of carpet they have actually invested in. This article will go through the various types of carpets that are on the market today. Whilst we will explain to you the different types of carpet cut.




Getting to know your carpet cuts


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Carpet information

Cut pile carpet with a twist carpet

1) Cut pile with a twist

Cut pile twist

2) Cut pile with a push

Level cut pile with a loop carpet

3) Level cut pile with a loop

Level cut pile with a loop

4) Level loop pile

Multi level loop pile carpet

6) Textured cut and loop pile

5) Multi level with a loop

Multi level with a loop

Learn more about carpet cuts

1) Cut pile with a twist

Cut pile carpets are less resistant to crushing than other types of carpet, run your hand over a cut pile carpet and it should feel soft but strong, fluffy and homely.

Twisted cut carpets are one of the most popular types of carpet  The yarn is twisted very tightly to give a beautiful textured surface, this carpet is extremely hard wearing.

2) Cut pile with a push

This type of cut is often found in velvet or velour carpets, very luxurious on the underfoot and beautiful to look at, not practical for an everyday room, more suited to an occasional room.

3) Level cut pile with a loop

The Level cut pile with a loop carpets combine fibres that have been cut with ones that have been looped, hence the name! This design is really good for marks or staing of the carpet, because of the various lengths of carpet fibers any stains seem to melt away in the background. Its also a very comfy and fluffy feeling carpet.

4)  Level loop pile

Level loop pile is constructed by weaving even length loops of yarn into carpet backing.  this type of construction is very durable and resistant to almost anything, not the most comfortable of carpets but practicality is it’s middle name. This type of carpet is ideal for high volume traffic areas, the loops can easily be pulled out by cat claws.

5) Multi Level with a Loop Pile

Multi-level loop pile is similar to level loop pile except that the loop heights vary, normally several different loop heights creating an uneven and braided apperance.  This type of carpet is very robust and won’t mark or stain easliy, cat owners beware......the loops can easily be pulled out by cat claws or small dogs.

6) Textured cut and Loop Pile

Textured cut and loop pile carpets are very luxurious, soft and bouncy. Personally its one of my favourite carpet types, normally they have a design on the carpet,  carpet fibers standing at different lengths is perfet for an all in one colour carpet design.