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Get in quick! March Special: 4 carpets cleaned for ONLY £89.99, that's only £22.50 per room! Get in quick! March Special: 4 carpets cleaned for ONLY £89.99, that's only £22.50 per room! Get in quick! March Special: 4 carpets cleaned for ONLY £89.99, that's only £22.50 per room! Get in quick! March Special: 4 carpets cleaned for ONLY £89.99, that's only £22.50 per room! Get in quick! March Special: 4 carpets cleaned for ONLY £89.99, that's only £22.50 per room!

Rotary cleaning or most commonly known as Buffing can be a very effective cleaning method especially if you have Vinyl, Amtico/Kerndean, porcelain tiles or a natural wooden floor. This machine can be used with  many different cleaning pads, these pads are placed on a drive plate under the machine, this allows us to control the cleaning strength, this can also be helpful for commercial strip and seals on Vinyl floors.

If you like your floors like a sheet of glass with a high shine factor then this is the machine for you. We can give you quotes directly over the telephone if you know the floor sizes or by sending us in some photos.

Looking for a hard floor cleaning specialist in Liverpool?

Hard floor cleaning information

Our Hard floor cleaning methods

Eco-Steam Clean Liverpool Ltd are hard floor cleaning specialists based right here in Liverpool, some of our employees have been cleaning hard floors for over 25 years!

We clean hard floors in many prestigious buildings in Liverpool and the Wirral,  but sometimes it could be as simple as cleaning a standard kitchen tiled floor and sometimes we’re asked to restore a period marble staircase, we just never know what’s coming through the door.

Do you have hard floors in the lounge, kitchen hallway or even in the conservatory?  Here at Eco steam clean Liverpool Ltd we have cleaned every different type of hard flooring that we’ve come up against, so rest assured we can probably clean yours!

Whether you have Ceramic tile, porcelain, stone, Travertine , Slate, Indian stone, Commercial safety floors, Karndean, Amtico or even wooden floors, we can help restore your floor like new again.

Price wise we offer exceptionally good value for money whether its a quick buff or a full strip and seal service.  It costs absolutely nothing to get a quote from us, so you have nothing to lose, and a “new floor “ to gain.

Installing a hard floor can be very expensive so you’ll want to make sure you’re in professional and experienced hands. You can count on us, but feel safe in the knowledge that we offer a 100% money back guarantee.


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Rotary Cleaning

Commercial hard floor cleaning Liverpool

Duplex hard floor scrubber is a great machine, not only because of its eco friendliness but for the robust and thought way it goes about cleaning almost any type of hard floor, with its strong brushes underneath and hot jets of steam can easily cut through grime on carpets tiles, ceramic tiles, wood, vinyl, safety flooring, non-slip flooring, entrance matting, Polysafe, Timbersafe, Marley, Flotex, Altro, Tarkett and many more.

No matter what type of hard floor you have, we will choose which system is best for your particular flooring.

Steam scrubbing

Hard floor cleaning specialists Liverpool

Floor spinners are best used on floors with ceramic or porcelain tiles, although this system can be used for commercial hard floor cleaning too, its perfect for domestic kitchens or high traffic hallways.

Powered by a steam generator that is mounted in the back of our vans, this ensures that the spinner gets as much steam direct to the dirty areas at a flick of a switch, its a very quick system that won’t break the bank!

Steam cleaning

Rotary machines can be used for commercial and domestic hard floors

Duplex steam cleaning can be used on commercial and domestic floors

Floor spinners can be used for cleaning domestic floors tiles

Commercial contract cleaning

Are you a business owner who wants a floor maintained on a daily, weekly, monthly basis? if this is the case we can certainly help you out , we offer great value for money

contact floor cleaning, why not give us a call today and we’ll  give you the best deal possible!

Call 0151-384-5700 or 07549-433549 for more details.

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