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Are you thinking of renting a portable carpet cleaner? or maybe you would like to hire a professional carpet cleaner like Eco-steam clean Liverpool Ltd? either way why not read the article below giving you some information on the pros and cons of both systems.

1. Portable carpet cleaner to rent “Simplicity and Cost”

Renting a portable carpet cleaner is defiantly not as easy as you may think! When enquiring about the possibility of renting a RD from our local retail outlet in Liverpool we were told that they only had one machine in store and it was not available for another 3 days as it had been booked up, if your not in a rush to have your carpets cleaned then a 3 day wait won’t affect you, this might have been a busy period for the RD and you may have better luck than us and get one quite easily, however, also think about this when renting a portable carpet cleaner.

Before you decide on whether you want to rent a portable carpet cleaner like a RD or a hire a professional carpet cleaning company in Liverpool or the Wirral like “Eco-steam Clean Liverpool Ltd”, you should consider how best to save money, hassle and time.


Eco-steam Clean have over the years cleaned carpets with many different systems, including bonnet , dry agitation, cold and hot water extraction.  We now use a steam cleaning generator which has been modified for optimum performance, it’s absolutely the best system for the ultimate healthy steam clean.

Renting a portable carpet cleaner like a RD can seem like a cheap option , but they rarely offer you best value.  So to help you make your decision, we’ve listed a comparison on rent or hire, cost, performance chemical output.

Rent a portable carpet cleaner or hire a professional carpet cleaner, you decide?

A) Empty out the contents of your car before you do anything, as this machine can be quite heavy and robust, it comes not only as you see in the picture but it also comes with hoses, wires and 2 cleaning wands, one for carpet and one for upholstery, not to mention the chemicals if you have to buy these.

B) You then have to drive and pick up this cumbersome machine which will cost you time and petrol money.

C) Once you arrive home and have unloaded this machine you then have to work out exactly how to operate it, fitting vacuum hoses and solution hoses into the correct port holes and then measuring out the exact amounts of chemicals to hot water ratios.                (No measuring jugs supplied)

Price based on one lounge carpet cleaned                                                                                     Also consider the risk of back pain when doing it yourself!

Petrol price to pick up and drop off £-?

Carpet cleaner to rent £ 30.00

Chemicals for one lounge carpet £10

Water and electricity £-?                                                         

Cleaning time £-2-3 hours   

Drying time : min 24-48 hours                                 

Total Cost: Minimum of £40-50


1. Hiring a professional carpet cleaner like eco-steam clean

Liverpool Ltd  “Simplicity and Cost”

Carpet cleaning with eco-steam clean Liverpool couldn’t be easier, you book us in one day and we can normally clean your carpet the next, we won’t use your water or electricity and you can sit back and do something more important with your time.

We can clean your lounge carpet in around 20 minutes and your carpets will be dry in no time at all. Normally 4-6 hours

Based on one lounge carpet cleaned

Total Cost: £34.99

2. Portable carpet cleaner to rent “Performance”

The RD was primarily designed to clean rugs hence the name, but this machine is also quite difficult to manoeuvre around, for example you can’t walk forwards with it only backwards  and it may take several passes on one line for you to see any difference if at-all. We get more call outs to finish off what a RD can’t do, than any other service…the RD is infamous for dumping too much water and not having enough vacuum power to pick up the excess water which leads to all sorts of problems.

A lot of water has passed under the bridge since then but unfortunately for the Rug Doctor the machine hasn’t really progressed

2. Hiring a professional carpet cleaner like eco-steam clean “Performance”

Our steam carpet cleaning system reaches temperatures as high as 230 degrees Fahrenheit, has a 10,000 watt vacuum and leaves your carpet clean every time!

We eradicate all dust mites and fleas as well as removing stubborn stains, we can clean an average 3 bedroom house with lounge, hall stairs and landing in under 1 hour. And we’ll re-pile the carpets for you too!

Now that’s performance!

3. Portable carpet cleaner rent “chemical output”

Having read the ingredients that go into most of the chemicals that are supplied and bought with a RD it’s clear to see that saving the planet isn't high on the RD agenda, these oxy brighteners are similar to bleach, where they give the impression that initially your carpet is cleaner by brightening the carpet with highly toxic chemicals, similar to this product, a bit mis-leading for the customer when the machine doesn’t create steam its self nor does the RD create any sort of heat, you have to put hot water into the machine.

After reading this hopefully, you will be in a better position to judge whether you want to rent a portable carpet cleaner or you want to hire a professional carpet cleaner like eco-steam clean Liverpool Ltd.

A lot of water has passed under the bridge since then but unfortunately for the Rug Doctor the machine hasn’t really progressed

3. Hiring a professional carpet cleaner like eco-steam clean “chemical output”

Eco friendly approaches like our own steam cleaning extraction use less water which means faster drying times, but ensure that the carpet is completely clean from hairs and dirt.  Eco-steam clean have been embracing eco-friendly practices for years, not only is it morally right but it’s all about the environment these days.

Eco-steam clean’s professional Liverpool carpet cleaning system makes sure that the carpet is perfectly clean and free from fresh stains and will be dry in no time at all.


hire a professional carpet cleanerProfessional steam generator

Hire a professional carpet cleaner

Risk of back pain
inadequte carpet cleanerNo toxic chemicals