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Leather cleaning can be disastrous if you don’t know what you're doing. Don’t be tempted to use a generic leather cleaner from your local store for a £1- at best it will be ineffective, and at worst it can cost you a fortune as it ruins your leather sofa.

They may be more suited to cleaning your shoes, but certainly not your high grade leather sofa.

Eco-steam clean have been working with every kind of leather, sofa in every colour.  So we know the difference that is made by a professional clean with the best possible products.

So if you want your leather sofa to look like it did in your old photos give call Eco-Steam Clean a call for free advice and quote.  

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Eco-Steam Clean are a specialist leather sofa cleaning company based in Liverpool-Wirral-Merseyside.  We know that you may be concerned about the health and safety of your family, pets, and the longevity of the environment.  But looking after your leather in a way that won’t leave toxic chemicals can be tricky.  Not with us, we use only 100% natural cleaning products.

We use natural leather cleaning products, made with coconut, palm kernel, and vegetable derived oils.  This is an extremely effective alternative to the toxic and carcinogenic ingredients found in the materials used by other leather sofa cleaning companies in Liverpool.

We treat your leather with the safest and best ingredients available on the market today.

Leather feels and smells better when professionally cleaned. Regular use can leave leather looking tired and worn, but when we clean it, it can look like new again.

Our customers often say they had forgotten what their furniture was meant to look like! take a look at our photos!

Some people think it will be expensive, but at Eco-Steam Clean, we offer exceptionally good value for money.  It costs absolutely nothing to get a quote, so you have nothing to lose, and a “new sofa “ to gain.

Of course, for such expensive like leather suites, you will want to make sure you’re in professional and experienced hands. You can count on us, but feel safe in the knowledge that we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with our service.


Before you think about sofa shopping, give us a call !

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We get asked this question all the time, do we clean leather sofas using steam? unfortunately the answer is no to that question, we do everything by hand using coconut kernels and a coconut sealing lotion, however you can use steam to sterilise your leather sofa, using the steamer at a safe distance you can safely kill germs and bacteria that gather in the crevasses of your leather couch or sofa. The steam won’t clean the dirt from your leather as it doesn’t penetrate the leather but as mentioned it will sterilise.

Please note: always use steam at a safe distance from leather, approximate 6-8 inches away and move the steam quickly around, not concentrating on any one area for to long.

Can you clean Leather using steam?

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