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It doesn’t matter whether your carpet is old or new, whether its a regular modern carpet from your local carpet shop or a Persian rug, eco-steam clean will know exactly how to clean your fabrics....we just know!


Eco-Steam Clean will carry out a thorough inspection of the carpet that’s to be steam cleaned. Making note of any damage, pet stains or any noticeable distinguishable marks that may affect the cleaning process.

Power Vacuuming

We use an 10,000 watt power vacuum that is attached to our steam cleaning wands, this will remove around 99% of dust particles.

Colour Testing

We always carry out a colour fastness test prior to cleaning any carpet! The vast majority of carpets never run so you don’t need to worry about anything, we will inform you before cleaning if your carpet is problematic.

Agitating the Carpet

We use a professional agitator to help loosen the fibres in the carpet, this enables a more thorough clean and aids in the steam cleaning.


Your carpet will be thoroughly steam cleaned using our state of the art truck mounted steam cleaning generator.  Each carpet may require a different cleaning temperature and this will all be adjusted accordingly depending colour,condition and floor surface.  Our machines can reach temperatures of up to 230 degrees Fahrenheit.

Stain Removal

If any stubborn stains remain, we’ll give them extra attention with our exclusive eco-friendly spot cleaning products.  99% of all stains are removable if acting quickly enough.


Your carpet may be groomed for best results.

Fast Drying

A controlled drying environment and full ventilation is needed to dry carpets, and avoid smells.  Eco-Steam Clean Liverpool can dry your carpet within a few hours of us cleaning it, if you require this service please book this service separately during booking.


One final inspection to make sure everything is looking good.

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Carpet cleaning tips

The ‘Eco’ way was once considered as an ‘alternative’ way of living and representing a small section of the population.  That’s no longer the case anymore.  Living in an “Eco-friendly environment” is now universally regarded as the only way to live if you value your health, and the health of those around you....

The evidence is clear to see everywhere you go these days, with many “Green and Eco-friendly” products out-selling more fashionable mainstream brands. One of the biggest areas that has seen more exposure in the media is “Eco-friendly steam cleaning” which operates with only water and without potential toxic chemicals.

Many chemicals applied in domestic carpet cleaning sector can be extemely toxic and have been proven to have direct links with allergies, headaches, breathing and congestion problems, as well as felling lethargic.  We strongly recommend not using these chemicals whether it be in your work place or home. Much better being safe than sorry.

The biggest misconception we come across on a daily basis is related to cleaning products that are labelled as bio-degradable.  This term suggests a product that is safe and eco-friendly to humans and animals. Most commercial and domestic carpet and oven cleaning companies in Liverpool use these supposedly safe bio-degradable cleaning products  we have seen our competitors using toxic agents like ethylene anti-oxide and crazily they can be labelled as biodegradable.  Chemicals are chemicals and we don’t believe that these or similar products biodegrade in our waterways.

Every day we see companies with names like “Dry” or “Chem” in their name.  If you care for the environment and your pets, look closer and question what cleaning chemicals they actually use, or ask for data sheets before they clean.

Other carpet cleaning companies in Liverpool use an array of chemicals for different stains, extending to gimmicks like a free stain remover, you could end up paying over the odds for the freebie, and receiving a highly toxic chemical in return.  Beware these “hooks” and other hidden costs when choosing your next carpet cleaning company in Liverpool Merseyside or the Wirral.

Eco-steam clean Liverpool are chemically free and don’t use gimmicks!                                                                                     

                                                                                     Read more about the benefits of  eco carpet cleaning in Liverpool

Act Fast

Everyone knows that immediate action is the secret to stain removal.  The longer you leave the stain, the more difficult it is to remove. So, as soon as that cup of coffee falls from your knee,you need to spring in to action.

Dilute (water based products only)

Gently pour a cup of  COLD water around the affected area, from the outside in, then use a plain white cloth or towel to absorb as much of the spill as possible. Never use hot water, only cold or Luke warm - you may set the stain in and make matters worse.


Use a blotting or pressing motion as rubbing may force the stain deeper into the carpet’s fibres. Continuously wet the stain with a sponge and repeat process


Blot again and again. use a cloth or white towel rather than kitchen roll and make sure it is plain white– you don’t want dye from your towel making the stain even worse than it already is.

Decision Time

How’s it looking?  It would be nice to think that the damping/blotting process is all you need but, sadly, it won’t work for many stains. If it doesn’t look great,  please place a clear plastic bag over the stain, this will delay further staining and keep it moist.

Call The Professionals

You’ve done the right thing by removing the stain form the top of your carpet and putting a plastic bag over it.  

But it is still lurking in your carpet fibres, and within a few hours it can dry and ‘set in’.  If you want the stain completely out, and lengthen the life of your carpet, just give us a call.  We’ll ask you what’s happened and advise you on the next steps, and how we can help.  Accidents happen - but they don’t need for you spending a fortune on a new carpet.

Pet stains

We love animals, so we know

that they have their moments.  

We get rid of the usual “accidents” and keep things smelling fresh.  But as you

can see from Princess (right), we get

more unusual calls too.  

The key to pet stain removal is speed. Whilst you’ll probably be used to cleaning small stains, if you experience something worse, you can risk making it worse.   

Urine and excrement will generally dye your fibres, so you simply can’t get rid of them by rubbing - and as well as smelling bad, urine will burn fibres and leave an embarrassing  ring around the stain.

Don’t risk your carpet - call us immediately. 0151-384-5700

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They come back to us because we deliver outstanding cleaning services.

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