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Eco-Steam Clean St Helens

Eco-Steam Clean St Helens are also specialists in commercial hard floor cleaning.   

Our team have (for 20 years ) been stripping and sealing all different types of hard floors, from Indian, Travertine, limestone, Marble, Concrete or Rubber.

Our cleaning systems for these different types of floors is quite simple, we use a a rotary machine and or a Duplex 420 hard floor cleaner for extremely greasy or high traffic floors that would benefit greatly from intense scrubbing at high speed and or hot temperature.

But if your commercial floor is merely in need of a freshen up we can use a high speed rotary machine to clean and rejuvenate. You’re floor will be ready to use soon after cleaning and we never use highly toxic chemical products so no nasty smells.

Hard floors can come in many different forms and styles, including Amtico, Karndean, vinyl, wood and tiles and so on, but the cleaning of these floors are largely the same, with the exemption of engineered wooded floors all the others can be Rotary cleaned with various strengths of cleaning pads.

If you want your old tired hard floor to look like it did when it was first laid then give us a call on 0151-384-5700 for a free quote.  

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Customer video reviews

   Commercial Hard  floor cleaning St Helens

Yes! we’re unlike all the other carpet cleaning companies in St Helens! What makes you different!? Well for a start we show you video reviews of our customers talking about our cleaning services! Real people from all over Merseyside who actually take the time to say a few words about our cleaning services.

Have a listen to what they have to say they can’t all be wrong!

We don’t brag about Mr and Mrs Bloggs wrote this or that, we would rather show you real people saying what their experiences were like when we provided a cleaning service for them.

All the customers in these videos are 100% genuine from the Merseyside areas and have been verified by the ASA.

So….whether you have a commercial business or a regular domestic property we can clean your carpets, sofa, upholstery, leather, hard floors,rugs or mattress you can be sure that we’ll provide the service we said we would.

    Carpet cleaning in St Helens

hard floor cleaning st helens

Carpet cleaning St Helens

Eco-steam Clean St Helens have been cleaning carpets in and around the St Helens areas many for years, we’re very proud of our excellent reputation for value for money, customer service and professionalism.

We use only very hot water and 100% natural organic products in all our carpet cleaning services, with a very powerful truck mounted generator bolted down in the back of our van,  you don’t even need to provide us with electricity or water.  

We’re not just content with just getting rid of stains, dirt, dust-mites, smells and pet hairs.  We go the extra mile as standard by re-piling your carpet as well! bringing life to carpet fibres that have become tired and flat over time. This means that your carpets really can look great again and smell as good as new without harsh chemicals.  

Get in quick! Nov Special: 4 carpets cleaned for ONLY £89.99, that's only £22.50 per room! Or do you need a sofa, rug, mattress or maybe you're thinking about getting that kitchen floor cleaned! why not give us a call , all our quotes are free and our prices are among the most competitive around.

   Upholstery cleaning services St Helens

Do you need your sofa, couch or fabric upholstery bring back to life in St Helens? We clean all types of fabric sofas with the exception of suede. Have a look at the dirt easily disappearing on this fabric sofa, with cleaning results like this you can see why our customers clamour for our upholstery cleaning services in St Helens. we never use toxic chemicals as all our products are eco friendly so no nasty strong smelly chemicals to worry about. Why not give us a call on 0151-384-5700.

   Leather sofa cleaning services St Helens

Believe it or not this is actually the same leather chair with a before and after pic, when you get a full leather strip and seal from Eco stem clean St Helens your leather sofa will look as good as new again.

Our leather rejuvenation process is all cleaned by hand and usually takes around 1-2 hours to strip and seal a leather 3 & 2 seater. Remember we use only 100% eco friendly cleaning products, crushed coconut kernels and a special coconut leather moisturiser!  Why not give us a call on 0151-384-5700 for a leather strip and seal.

Leather cleaning st helens

   Rug cleaning services St Helens

Are you on the look-out for a professional rug cleaning specialist in St Helens? Rug cleaning at affordable prices? Rug cleaning where you don’t have to send it away to be cleaned? If so you’ve come to the right place! Eco steam clean St Helens can clean all types of rugs and we can do it in the comfort of your own home or weather permitting like this one outside.

If the answer is yes then why not give us a call on 0151-384-5700 for the freshest rug cleaning in St Helens.

   Mattress cleaning services St Helens

Are you desperately looking to freshen up your mattress in St Helens?  Like this one!? If so you’ve come to the right place! Eco-steam clean St Helens can clean your mattresses better than most and we can clean your mattress to. As you can see from the video above where we have cleaned only one half side of the mattress so you can see the difference of the clean, with amazing results like this you can see why our mattress cleaning services are in high demand. Our prices start from as little as £25 for a single mattress clean. Why not give us a call on 0151-384-5700 for the freshest Mattress cleaning experience in St Helens.