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We steam clean hundreds of mattresses every year in Liverpool and the Wirral, If you’re in need of a mattress clean we could clean your single mattress for as little as £25, Our steam cleaner reach temperatures as high as 230 degrees Fahrenheit, high temperature is the key to killing bed bugs, not only in your mattress but also your home furniture. If you are interested we have provided you with a free bed cleaning maintenance program below that allows you to keep on top of all those stains and body fluids that lurk under your sheets.

Routinely maintaining the cleanliness of your mattress is quite easy and we have helped you by listing 4 home remedy solutions to keep those bed bug at bay.

1) Use a mattress protector if possible

2) Air your mattress once a week

3) Vacuum your mattress every couple of weeks

4) Get your mattress professionally cleaned every year

Having second thoughts doing it yourself?…call the professionals on 0151-384-5700

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