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 Rug cleaning services in Liverpool

   10 step steam cleaning process

Stage 1: Preparing your rug to be cleaned.

Stage 2: Inspecting the rug for damage or stains.

Stage 3: Power vacuuming the rug to remove dust.

Stage 4: Colour testing incase the dye runs.

Stage 5: Agitating the fibres or re-piling.

Stage 6: Steam cleaning

Stage 7: Stain Removal

Stage 8: Post-Cleaning

Stage 9: Speed Drying with high powered fans

(ask for details)

Stage 9: Final inspection

 Rug cleaning specialists in Liverpool

Are you in need of a Rug cleaning specialist in Liverpool? Do you want a reputable cleaning company with a solid reputation?

Whether you have a Persian rug or a regular rug from your local carpet shop we can clean it, it’s that simple, Eco-steam clean have many years experience cleaning every type of rug imaginable, our cleaning methods are completely safe and healthy for children, pets and the environment, we use a steam generator that is mounted in our van and we couple that with 100% natural cleaning products, for example we use real oranges in a bio-degradable cleaning product.

Hire the professionals for the best rug cleaning you have ever seen, we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with our cleaning service, that’s how confident we are that you’ll love eco-steam clean.

Rug cleaning Liverpool