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We clean carpets and hard floors with our unique rotovac system, coupled with our

high temperature steam generator

that is mounted in our van.  

Temperatures can reach as high as 230

degrees Fahrenheit,  which allows

us to easily remove even the toughest

of stains from your carpets, rug and upholstery.  

Carpets and hard floors

Upholstery cleaning

Leather cleaning

Leather cleaning is a breeze with our exclusive 100% natural coconut products. With over 15 years cleaning dozens of different leathers types, your sofa is in safe hands.  Our products are imported from America, and as you can see from this example.

At Eco-Steam Clean, our upholstery cleaning methods get great results because we use

equipment of the highest quality.  

Our machines are the most advanced for removing dirt, dust and other unhealthy

particles from your settees, sofas,

armchairs matresses  and other

fabric-covered furniture.  For the

majority of upholstery fabrics, steam extraction method leaves the least amount of the moisture on contact than any other system. This ensures you won't be left with

soaking wet upholstery that smells

when it dries out.

Rug cleaning

We clean rugs exactly the same way we clean carpets and upholstery.  

We use hot steam, 100% natural fruit extracts and first class cleaning

wands,.  This system is universally

accepted as the best carpet cleaning system in the world today, so we’re happy to help whether your rug is antique or newer.

s and our Rotovac cleaning wand, this system is universally accepted as the best carpet cleaning system in the world today.

Driveway cleaning

We have a portable 4000 psi power-

washer , so don’t need to resort to

using chemicals which can weaken

the integrity of your driveway.  

We just use the power of the water


We’ve cleaned petrol station fore-

courts, tennis courts driveways, patios and shop entranceways.  If you have an outdoor area, we can

help make it look like new.All we need is a water faucet and we’re good to go.

Mattress cleaning

We steam clean hundreds of

mattresses every year, If you’re in need of

a mattress steam clean we could clean

your mattress for as little as £25.

Our steam cleaners reach temperatures as high as 280 degrees Fahrenheit, high temperature is the key to killing bed bugs, not only in your mattress but also your home furniture.

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