Maintaining Hardwood Floors

By taking the correct amount of care and attention, hardwood flooring will stay as beautiful and lustrous as the first day you installed them. Cleaning them isn’t necessarily hard workif you know what yor’re doing , it’s how you clean them and what you use that’s important. Arm yourself with a strong vacuum, some hardwood-specific wood cleaner, and a handy cloth or microfiber wipe for any minor clean-ups. This is how to keep your work to a minimum and efficiency high.

Routine Clean-up Schedule

First, make your self a cleaning schedule, ideally, you should be vacuuming and dusting on a daily not weekly basis. Once a week, you should do a full vacuuming or comprehensive dry sweep. At the end of the month, switch to your steam floor cleaner and microfiber cloth to catch any built up dirt before it gets into cracks or crevices that aren’t visible to the naked eye.

Now, with all of this said, you should still invest in a professional floor cleaning buffer and/or maintenance coat for your hardwood floors every three years. You may want to refinish your floors if they’re looking dull and you’ve had them for any years. Check out for some affordable and eco-friendly cleaning services in Liverpool and on the Wirral.

What NOT to do to Hardwood Floors

  • When you’re shopping for wood cleaners, never deviate from hardwood specific cleaners. If the cleaner has any harsh chemicals, it can reduce the lifespan of your wood over time.
  • Never use very boiling water to clean your floor, no matter what. This will remove your polished finish and possibly buckle or permanently damage your hardwood flooring. Any spills should be taken care of with a moist towel or cloth and wiped up immediatley
  • If you’re going to polish your floor, keep it limited to a satin finish, over polishing your floor can result in a gloss shine and can be prone to slipping and can visibly make your floor space look “off” or false.

What you Should do for Hardwood Floors

  • Make family and visitors utilize plastic overshoes to avoid shoe scuffs and reduce the amount of cleaning necessary.
  • Make use of mats and area rugs for the living room and runners for the hallway.
  • Use furniture sliders to avoid accidental scratching during cleaning.
  • Even with sliders, pick-up furniture if you are moving it over large distances, if possible or you could scratch it.
  • Hire a professional floor cleaning specialist like to ensure you get as much lifespan from your flooring as you can.They can extend the life of your floor for years and years.

Lastly, please pay attention to any incense, aerosols, candles, and any other fragrances you fill your home with, as harsh chemicals can potentially fade/damage floors over time if they are under constant exposure.

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