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Do you live somewhere its hard to access area? like a an apartment in L1 or do you live in high flats? sounds like you need a portable carpet cleaning service! Call us on 0151-384-5700 and ask for our portable carpet cleaning division.

Our portable cleaning Prices

Carpet cleaning-Lounge £44.99

Carpet cleaning-Through Lounge £59.99

(Lounge with small dining area attached)

Carpet cleaning-Double Bedroom £39.99

Carpet cleaning-Single Bedroom £34.99

Carpet cleaning-Box Room £29.99

Carpet cleaning-Hall-Stairs & Landing £59.99  (1 flight, small hall and landing)

Carpet cleaning-Hall-Stairs & Landing £119.99 (2 flights, small hall and 2 x small landings)

Commercial carpets-Please call for prices

On-site quotes are free

Carpets from

Upholstery from

Sofa cleaning-5 seater sofa £129.99

(Price excludes scatter cushions)

Sofa cleaning-4 seater sofa £99.99

(Price excludes scatter cushions)

Sofa cleaning-3 seater sofa £59.99

(Price excludes scatter cushions)

Sofa cleaning-2 seater sofa £49.99

(Price excludes scatter cushions)

Sofa cleaning-Arm Chair £29.99                

(Price excludes scatter cushions)

Scatter cushions-from £4 per cushion

Commercial upholstery-Please call for prices

Leather Sofas from

Leather sofa cleaning-5 seater sofa £100.00

Leather sofa cleaning-4 seater sofa £85.00

Leather sofa cleaning-3 seater sofa £45.00

Leather sofa cleaning-2 seater sofa £40.00

Leather sofa cleaning-Arm Chair £25.00       

Commercial leather sofas-Please call for prices and on site visit

Rugs from

Rug cleaning-6 foot or under £30.00

Rug cleaning-7 foot or under £40.00

Rug cleaning-8 foot or under £50.00

Rug cleaning-9 foot or under £60.00

Rug cleaning-10 foot or under £70.00

Commercial Rug cleaning-Please call for prices and on site visit

Please note: we have a £100 minimum call out fee, all our prices are based on “average” sized room carpets, as a rule of thumb we won’t use a tape measure on domestic carpets …we prefer to rely on you (our customers) providing accurate room proportions and sizes.