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Why choosing eco carpet cleaning in Liverpool is the best decision for you, your family and pets.

Regular carpet cleaning

The benefits of getting your carpet cleaned on a regular basis

So when should you get your carpet professionally cleaned? And how do you know?

When your carpet begins to lose it’s luster, vibrancy, and plush feeling, it’s time to get it professionally cleaned or if you have children or pets it should normally be every 3-6 months.  Even floors that seem clean ought to be dealt with by an expert at regular intervals, also see the medical advantages to having your carpet cleaned regularly. The texture of a delicate carpet under your bare feet can flush away every one of the stresses one acquires in the day, however keeping your carpets and hard floors in top condition requires proficient cleaning and regular upkeep. Indeed, even low-end carpeting is estimated to last at least three years, however its life expectancy can be cut by a significant portion if its not professionally cleaned on a regular basis. The cost of a new carpet floor can make you wish you hired a professional like us sooner!

Floods and Mildew

Having your home cleaned professionally after a flood or spill can help avert mold or mildew from developing under your carpet. When any bacterial growth is suspected you may have to call a carpet cleaning expert. Floods or spillages normally cause mildew and mould underneath your carpet where the underlay is, you may need to pull your carpet back and suck as much moisture out of the carpet backing and underlay with the wet vacuum cleaner, additionally leave your carpet pulled back for airing and ventilation this will prevent smelly mildew from forming and could save your carpet from a damp smelling odour.

Mites and Allergens

The high temperatures of a steam carpet clean by Eco-steam clean in Liverpool can get inside the fabric fibres to help remove any bugs and fleas. Carpets that are plagued with these bugs can bring about extraordinary hypersensitivities and breathing troubles for people with asthma . A careful cleaning job can help evacuate these allergens and give fresher air to the home. This is highly recommended for anyone with a young child in the home, as they are more susceptible to developing allergic reactions and asthma due to dust mites.

Alternative flooring-Hard floors

Health experts are now saying that hard floors can harbor various toxins and bacterias more than carpets, yes I said that correctly, more than carpets! for example, dust, hairs, pet dander, sand, germs, dirt lays on top of hard floors and when the windows are open these dirt particles transport around the room and can cause sneezing and allergies. Once these particles are disturbed they are literally up in the air and waiting to be inhaled or drop onto food or drinks. Cleaning will involve vacuuming at least once per day to eliminate these microorganisms.

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