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Why choosing eco carpet cleaning in Liverpool is the best decision for you, your family and pets.

Choosing the correct carpet cleaner

Why you should choose Eco-friendly carpet cleaning in Liverpool

When it’s time for your carpet to be cleaned, you should look for a professional company like Eco-steam clean Liverpool ltd.  We’re the best at what they do for a reason.  Not only do we do a fantastic job, we’re the type of compamny that won’t treat you like just another customer.  By getting the job done correctly the first time you’ll avoid any potensial problems that may occur with other Liverpool carpet and hard floor cleaning companies, other companies may use toxic chemicals and harsh industrial products. Also cleaning experience matters when it comes to professional carpet cleaning, and Eco-steam clean Liverpool Ltd have a lot of it.

Now, when it comes to choosing your clean your carpet cleaner, it should be a no-brainer for choosing an eco-friendly cleaning service.  Chemicals can and will affect your health, your pet’s health, and the environment we live in.  Chemical carpet cleaners will initially give the asthetic feel  of a thorough carpet clean, but the reality is they can end up reducing the lifespan of your fabrics because of the damage they do to the fibers. also, it’s literally impossible to suck up all of the cleaning solution that gets used on carpets by chemical carpet cleaners.  You should keep these things in-mind when deciding on choosing the correct  carpet cleaner in Liverpool.

Why you can’t afford to go down the dry chemial route

In the event that you've at any point read the back of a carpet cleaning foam bottle for any of the well-known cleaning items, you may have seen the name:  tetrachloroethene, or perchloroethylene. This toxic chemical is inside all of the foam dry cleaners. Caution should be used we applied near children and pets, this product when sprayed instantly becoames airborne in your home or commercial property. Some genuine symptoms can include: queasiness and heavy heaving, harm to your kidneys, and impacts on the sensory system and has links to CANCER.

Another well-known principle item in carpet cleaners you may have seen is, naphthalene,  its a white crystalline solid with a characteristic odor can also cause immune system failure, by breathing it in can cause poisoning and much much more....

So why are they readily available? the reason these chemicals appear on store shelves under safe carpet cleaning products is simple! The money generated by selling cleaning products in the UK every year is over £2 billion and rising every year, Supermarkets have a vested interest in selling them to anyone needing them.

So think about it! Is the hazard to you , your family and pets justified? not really worth it is it?  When you can get your carpet professionally cleaned the safe way with Eco-steam clean Liverpool Ltd.

Doing It By Yourself

DIY carpet cleaning has turned out to be a big let down for almost everyone who hires a portable carpet cleaner. consumers are hoping to do a DIY job to clean their carpets, armed with in-effective cleaning equipment and some toxic cleaning products that just shouldn’t be listed as cleaning products, additionally the cleaning machine and or products may not be sufficient to take care of that stain on your carpet anyway, you need years of experience to clean carpets and remove stains with damaging the carpet. If you don’t have to, why not try something less hazardous If you don’t have the money to hire us, For instance, you can DIY a simple and safe cold water clean to deal with new water based stains, simply pour a half cup of cold water over the non oil based carpet stain, place a clean white towel over the stain and stand on the towel to absorb the stain into the towel, remember never rub the stain with the towel, you could damage the carpet, by putting your full weight on the towel it should absorb most of the stain into the towel.  however this method won't do much against dust mites and outside pathogens.

Proficient Steam Cleaning

Green or eco carpet cleaning businesses are currently more popular than at any time in recent memory. Eco-steam carpet cleaning companies have substantially more access to eco-friendly cleaning products these days then at any time in the past. Simply ask us what we use and how we go about cleaning your home when you call to book in.

Carpet cleaning in Liverpool

If you’re searching for a carpet cleaning company in Liverpool or the Wirral, Merseyide, check out the guys at eco-steam clean.  They promise the best carpet cleaning job without the use of highly toxic chemicals, and have a 100% money back guarentee if you’re not completley satisfied with our cleaning service.

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