Upholstery Cleaning Liverpool and Wirral

Upholstery Cleaning In Liverpool And The Rest Of Merseyside

If your sofas and chairs are looking a little tired, or smelling more like your pets – we can help.

Regular steam cleaning your upholstery will keep your home feeling fresher and extend the lifetime of your expensive sofa.

Here at Eco Steam Clean, we specialise in upholstery and sofa cleaning in Liverpool and throughout Merseyside. We’re fully trained in using our high temperature steam machine (mounted in our van) and our range of 100% natural cleaning products, guaranteeing great results and the added benefit of no chemicals being used.

We know that you don’t want your upholstery left soaking wet for days on end and we have a definite advantage here, because we use steam to clean. No hot water, no cold water, and no toxic chemicals. Think about it – steam is great for cleaning, removing smells, and it doesn’t leave things soaking wet or shrink fabric, does it? So that’s why we use it!

Steam is brilliant at getting out what you can’t see – the horrible dust mites that love eating your upholstery. It’s not just people who have asthma that will benefit from a steam clean – you will rest easier knowing that you don’t have unwanted parasites in your home.

Our hot steam and portable turbo drying fans, mean we can have your upholstery looking like new, and feeling dry in no time.

PS – we do mattresses too – you’ll get your best night’s sleep when you’re not sharing it with millions of dust mites…

Dust Mites In Your Furnishings?

Dust mites are considered the main cause of asthma – and they bite all of us!  For every square metre of upholstery, you could have as many as 200,000 dust mites. Can you imagine sharing your double mattress with 650,000 dust mites! If you could see them, you’d do something about them, and you wouldn’t wait!

If you’ve had your mattress a few years and not had it professionally cleaned, it’s time to say goodbye to the mites that are feasting on you all night.