4 Easy Tips For Christmas Cleaning

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How To Clean Your Home Quickly And Effectively

Everyone’s favorite time of year is almost upon us, snow, Xmas shopping, buying and wrapping presents and time for family get-togethers! Having family round for Xmas dinner is great fun and a chance for the whole family to catch up with what is going on in the the world. Keeping the home clean and tidy is also important for those of you that are house-proud, even if you’re not the tidiest the rest of the year Xmas is always the exception! And with all that said, we have a question for you: are you keeping on top the house cleaning? and more importantly are you keeping it cleaning and tidy without spending all your spare time cleaning?

We can help you optimize your spare time and not only will your home be clutter-free, but so will your head.

Dust-free homes are homes that keep allergens, germs, and pollutants away in a time when you’re more perceptible to catch a cold or the Flu, so, lets stay nice and healthy over the winter period. After all, we don’t have much time on our hands, if we’re going to do this, we’d better focus all our efforts sharpish.

  1. Declutter Before dusting down, wiping and washing everything in sight, one of the most important things you must do first, is “Pick everything up and put it away” De-clutter: I’m talking about everything that has somehow found a new home on your floor! yes I’m talking about those kids toys that never get played with, yes I’m talking about those (Trabs) laying next to the couch for two months! and lets not forget those (Antwacky) clothes hanging over the doors and over the stair handle-posts, ok you get my drift. And if you still have some juice left in the tank why not do a little polishing. i.e. tables, glass tables and the family silver as it might be getting used at crimbo. De-cluttering is your first big step to tiding your home and our number one step in cleaning your home quickly and effectively.
  2. Dusting House cleaning is much more efficient if you pick one task at a time, lets focus on dusting the home first, and it will save you hours in the long run, you’ll need a good duster and one with plenty of length. Start dusting from the top of the house to bottom and if you live all on the one level start dusting from the highest point: i.e. cobwebs in the top corners of rooms, on top of the curtain poles, window ledges, sills, cabinets, tables, all the way down to the tops of the skirting boards. Cleaning the tops of your skirting boards was rated the top area in the home to dust by IDEAL HOMES, everyone can see the tops of skirting boards but not everyone can see on top of your TV.
  3. Brushing & Vacuuming So far you have de-cluttered the home and dusted and polished the antique silver until you can see your face in it, great job so far but we’re only half way there! brushing all the hard floors in the home is going to make the place feel so much more cleaner, getting into the corners, pulling out sofas and finding uncle Jimmies false teeth from last Xmas, pull everything our and brush out all the dust, trust me you will feel so much more cleaner and the place will feel and smell cleaner too. Vacuum all carpets in the home and vacuum your sofa if it’s fabric too. and if your up for it give the curtains a quick blast too but be careful and ask someone to hold the top of the curtains or you could suck them off the curtain pole. If you have spme spare cash why not ask us to come round and clean some carpets or perhaps your upholstery needs sprucing up?  We’re a friendly bunch here at the Eco Group and we have plenty of November & December deals on, give us a call and lets see what we can do for you! 01513845700.
  4. Mopping mop all bathrooms, hard floors that need it and especially the kitchen floor, quick tip from someone who has mopped more than my fare share of floors, only add a tea spoon of washing up liquid to the mop bucket and fill it with hot water, using too much detergent can cause a residue on your floor and it will get dirtier quicker! once mopped I want you to do it all again…only this time use cold water, this will remove any detergent still on your floor.