Do you suffer from pet allergies?

friendly dogHaving a pet can be fantastic fun for all the family, whether a cat, dog or hamster! You love your animals like they’re a member of the family, right? But pets can have an adverse effect too – pet smells can be quite off putting (ever notice when you go into someone else’s house?). And of course ‘accidents’ happen from time to time, and without quick action carpets and sofas can be ruined.

So the good news is that we clean more pet stains than any other carpet cleaning company in Merseyside. We specialise in cleaning carpets and sofas that your beloved pets have taken over as their own!

Whether you just need to freshen up, or get serious stains removed, we’ll bring harmony to your pets and your home, and put the freshness back into your environment.

Pet Allergies are Similar to Other Nasal Allergies.

Symptoms of pet allergies are:

  • Wheezing or coughing
  • Itchy or red eyes
  • Stuffy or runny nose
  • Sneezing

Pet owners who suffer pet allergies can be prone to skin reactions… for example, this can occur after a pet has licked a humans face or coming into contact with pet urine or pet skin known as dander.

Others with more severe allergies like asthma make it almost impossible to have any contact with pets at-all.

In our opinion preventing pet allergies in the home has got to be a pet owners number one priority to protect the whole family. As you know, we can help here, we are routinely asked to help pet allergy sufferers keep their homes dander and pet hair free, you can also do your bit to reduce the pollens in your own personal environment, by regularly steam cleaning your bed, sofa and carpets can help keep all those nasty pet allergies at bay. Controlling pet hair in your home can help prevent sneezing and having an itchy nose. Vacuuming regularly will reduce the amount of dander and pet hair, you could also open windows more often and dry steam clean the whole house will also help sanitise the air and fabrics which will reduce the allergens.

If you have a pet give us a call, maybe we could help you!

With 100% natural cleaning products we won’t harm your pets or children in any way. This is really important when you consider that dogs smell 100,000 better than us humans, so toxic chemicals can be torture under their noses. Be kind to your pet, your home and the environment with Eco-Steam Clean.

Pet odours will disappear almost immediately, and you might avoid a big expense on new fabrics.