Carpet Cleaning Huyton

Get the best professional carpet cleaner in Huyton

So your carpets are looking a bit tired, or you’ve had a spill that has you worrying that you might need to spend hundreds of pounds on a new carpet?. Worry not. Our customers are often amazed at the results we can get for them by removing various kinds of stains on the carpet, depending on the carpet we can usually remove most stains as long as you haven’t tried to clean it with various cleaning products first! We’re the best choice for professional carpet cleaning in Huyton, and we would love to help you save money!
We park our truck-mounted steam generator directly outside your home and work quickly, using our powerful equipment, steam, and organic products. We’ll leave you with dry carpets in no time at all, no mess, and no chemicals in your home. In a jiffy your carpets will look great, smell fresh, be re piled and be safe for your children and pets to roll about on!
We are really proud of our reputation for great customer service too so we arrive when we say we will, do what we say we would. That’s why we’re the best choice carpet cleaning in the Huyton area.
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Huyton’s best choice for eco-friendly carpet cleaning

Huyton is one of the areas we work in the North West, and we’ve built a solid reputation for cleaning carpets reliably, quickly, effectively, and excellent value for money. Our online written and video reviews speak volumes, showing that we’ve got great customer satisfaction stories, people love to come back to us regularly. What is it about our service that makes customers come back again?

  • We work in a sustainable fashion, an eco-friendly way that doesn’t damage the planet or environment
  • We use hot steam at 230 f and natural citrus products exclusively to clean furniture and carpets, which avoids having to spray chemicals all around your home
  • Our 10 step carpet cleaning process doesn’t just involve cleaning, we first inspect and prepare your carpets and provide a full stain removal attempt
  • None of your water will be used when we clean your carpets, we bring our own!
  • If there are any dust mites or fleas lurking in your carpets, our hot steam will get rid of them!

We really provide a complete carpet cleaning service in Huyton that puts us ahead of the chasing pack. Find out more by reading our customer reviews or give us a call yourself on 0151 384 5700!