Carpet Cleaning Kirkby

Do you need a carpet steam cleaning in Kirkby?

We’re a leading carpet cleaning company in Kirkby with a wealth of experience cleaning carpets of all types for customers across Merseyside. Using a steam cleaning system separates us from our competitors. Steam cleaning is a huge development in the carpet cleaning world and is universally considered as the best method in carpet cleaning today. The system has been tried & tested and will improve the hygiene within your home, it kills our favorite little bugs… dust mites, and generally having unbelievable results. Why are we so well liked by our customers in Kirkby?  Quite simply, we take pride in what we do, we care about each and everyone of our customers’ cleaning needs. We turn up when we say we will, do what we promise, and charge you a price that’s more than reasonable. If you’d like to see our carpet cleaning prices just click here

A reliable and experienced carpet cleaner in Kirkby

You’re probably here because you’re looking for someone to clean your dirty carpets in Kirkby. Luckily you can stop searching, you’ve found a top notch carpet cleaner LOCAL TO KIRKBY! Being a leading carpet cleaning company in Kirkby with an outstanding reputation for customer service and our customer video reviews back this up. What is it that makes our customers so happy then?
  • We clean carpets using a 5 step cleaning process that involves completing an inspection, re-pile, stain removal, preparing the surface for color testing, we vacuum and steam clean
  • We don’t use any throat restricting chemicals in our cleaning process,  this is crucial for avoiding irritation or allergies
  • Our approach to carpet cleaning doesn’t just get your carpets clean, it also kills dust mites that could be lurking in those carpets
  • Our steam cleaning methods are more eco-friendly and sustainable than traditional alternatives
  • We use our own water that is in the back of the van and we don’t need your electricity either, saving you money on increased utility bills
These are just a few of the reasons we’re regarded as a top notch carpet cleaner in Kirkby. Call us today on 0151 384 5700 and book us to clean your carpets.