Carpet Cleaning Old Swan

We offer the best choice carpet cleaning service in Old Swan!

Our approach to cleaning carpets is simple! our steam generator that is mounted inside our van is the brains of the operation. This sophisticated carpet cleaning system makes carpet cleaning a stroll in the park, we simply connect hoses to the generator and away we go!
Depending on the type of carpet you have, we can change the temperature of the steam we use to clean your carpet (with temperatures going up to 230°f). We can also use different wands on different carpets and with the latest carpet re-piling machine you really are getting the best and most experienced carpet cleaners in the Swan.
Not only that, we also guarantee to kill all dust mites, fleas, and anything else that may be living inside your carpet. Not with chemicals, but with hot steam and natural cleaning products.
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Tell us your carpet cleaning needs in the Old Swan!

We’re in operation all over Merseyside and the Wirral and we’ve built a great reputation as a friendly, reliable carpet cleaner in a number of Liverpool areas including the Old Swan. What makes us so popular in Liverpool and the North West? We think it’s a combination of the following and more:

  • We pride ourselves on eco-friendliness and sustainability
  • We don’t use any toxic chemicals when we clean carpets
  • Our 10 step cleaning process is thorough and effective
  • We don’t just clean carpets, our steam cleaning kills dust mites and fleas too
  • We don’t increase your utility bills, as we use our own electricity and water unlike most other carpet cleaners in the Swan

If you’re interested in seeing what all of the fuss is about then get in touch with us today to book us for your carpet cleaning in Old Swan. You can call us on 0151 384 5700 or contact us through our website.