Carpet Cleaning Ormskirk

Best value carpet cleaning in Ormskirk

Looking for value for money when hiring a carpet cleaner in Ormskirk ? At Eco Steam Clean, our prices are very competitive and we routinely have offers on our home or news page.

Having a steam carpet cleaning company like Eco Steam Clean on your doorstep is a massive plus for the residents of Ormskirk. We offer many services but if it’s steam carpet cleaning you’re looking for then you’ve come to the right place. Our system is very simple; we park our van reasonably close to your property and reel in a hose connected to our steam generator in our van. This provides the steam to your carpets and allows us to give our customers the best steam carpet cleaning service in Ormskirk.

Do you have a pet? We also provide pet stain removal from your carpet. Our carpet cleaning system can reach temperatures as high as 230° and can be adjusted according to your carpet, so call us when the accident happens for a quick response and effective service.

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The Ormskirk carpet cleaner you’ve always wanted

If you’re looking for a carpet cleaner in Ormskirk to refresh your old tired looking carpets or merely to just get rid of some fresh stains, Eco Steam Clean are the perfect choice. We’ve cleaned carpets, upholstery, and furniture across Ormskirk and the rest of Liverpool for many years and we’ve built up a great collection of customer reviews that demonstrate our service. What makes us such a great carpet cleaning choice!

  • Our companies 10 step cleaning process involves lots of valuable steps such as inspection, preparation, vacuuming, and steaming whilst trying our best to remove any stains that may lurk deep inside the carpet
  • We don’t use any toxic chemicals when cleaning carpets, we use only bio degradable cleaning products
  • Steam cleaning doesn’t just make your carpets look great, it also kills off any dust mites that are living in your carpet
  • Our approach to carpet cleaning is eco-friendly and is the only way forward when it comes to saving our planet
  • We use our own water so you don’t have increased utility bills after we’ve been , unlike our competitors who use portable carpet cleaning machines

Contact us today on 0151 384 5700 and book your carpet cleaning in Ormskirk with Eco Steam Clean!