Carpet Cleaning Prescot

Do you need a carpet cleaning company in Prescot?

Do you need a high quality and great value for money carpet cleaning company in Prescot? Look no further! Eco Steam Clean Prescot is a friendly local carpet cleaning company and we pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction. Our high powered steam generator is mounted in our van, so all we need is to be able to park directly outside your home. We don’t use your water or electricity, and we’ll work with minimum fuss. Steam is the most hygienic and powerful way to get out dirt, grime, stains, and smells (even pet smells and hair). And because we never use chemicals, you can be assured that whatever we clean for you, you’ll be delighted with results that look and smell great. We’re happy to quote you over the phone or by email, so you’re just a short chat away from knowing what we can do for you. And because we’re available 6 days a week, we’re bound to be able to arrange a time to suit you. If you’d like to see our carpet cleaning prices just click here  

Your reliable carpet cleaner in Prescot

Need a good carpet clean in Prescot? We’re highly experienced and reputable carpet cleaners working all across Liverpool and Merseyside. We’ve worked with loyal customers in Prescot for years and have built up a great reputation for delivering results at a great price. What is it specifically that makes our service so great?
  • Our 10 step carpet cleaning process is comprehensive and thorough, including stages such as stain removal, preparation, vacuuming, steam cleaning, and drying
  • We don’t use toxic chemicals to clean, opting instead for natural products that work great and are child and pet friendly
  • Steam cleaning results in a fresh carpet that has been sterilized, free of dust mites and other lurking insects or pests
  • Our approach to cleaning is eco friendly and sustainable, as we just use water and natural products
  • As we use our own water and electricity, mounted in our van, we don’t cost you extra money in utility bills
If you want to get the carpet cleaning service you deserve, call us today at Eco Steam Clean on 0151 384 5700.