Carpet Cleaning in Southport and much more..

Are you looking to have some carpets professionally cleaned in Southport or surrounding area? Well, the good news is we have been cleaning carpets in Southport for over 25 years!  Other cleaning services we offer are: Rugs, Mattresses, Sofas and all hard floors, If you have a hard floor that needs cleaned and re-sealing we can do that for you too. 01704 321151

Carpet Cleaning Southport

Our Carpet Cleaning systems (we have two systems)

  1. A steam generator mounted in the back of our van which is 10 times more powerful than a rug doctor. We park our van as close to your property as we can, we attach pipes to the generator and we’re ready to clean carpets, its that fast. We can clean an average lounge carpet in 20 minutes tops, we can clean 3 bedrooms, stairs and landing in an hour! Its normally 2 or 3 lads who come out and this is called our truck-mounted cleaning system.
  2. A portable carpet clean is for people who live in flats or perhaps we can’t park outside their home, this is when we get our portable machine out the back of the van and carry it to your property. Not as efficient as the truck mounted system but still does an excellent job.

What Else Do You Get For Your buck?

Southport’s Friendliest Carpet Cleaners

Choosing the correct carpet cleaning company is more important than ever in these trying times, we see so many fly by night rookies saying they’re carpet cleaners. In fact we generally have to go out and fix problems that have been created by unqualified carpet cleaners, choose wisely first time or it could cost you plenty later on. We are an established carpet and hard floor cleaning company. BICs trained and have been trading for 25 years.
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tel: 01704 321151