Carpet Cleaning Waterloo

Carpet Cleaning Waterloo
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Looking to book a carpet cleaner in Waterloo?

We know Waterloo because we live there! So if you like to buy local, and know who you’re dealing with, would also like value for money, you know where to come!

If your carpets are dirty or you may suffer from allergies, or you have a stain, don’t despair. We’ll give you a personal service that will have your carpets looking like new again.

We have the best carpet cleaning equipment, powered by a steam generator in our van, and we use our own water, so there’s no cost to you for electricity or water.

We’re quick too – we generally set up in under 5 minutes, clean an average lounge carpet in under 20 minutes, so you’re not kept hanging around all day.

As you can see from this carpet, our steam cuts right through grease and grime.

We work all over Merseyside & the Wirral, offering flexible hours (we take calls 6 days a week), so if we can help, just call. 0151-384-5700

If you’d like to see our carpet cleaning prices just click here