Carpet Cleaning Truck Mount

Do you live in an area where we can park our van directly outside your home? If so we can clean your carpets and upholstery, mattress and rugs using our truck mounted generator, this system is universally considered the best carpet cleaning system in the world today. Coupled with a full re-piling service for your carpets and FREE stain removal you can rest assured your carpets will be left spotlessly clean.

200ft of piping
Truck mounted steam generator-1
Allows us to control the pressure and heat

How it all works in 8 steps

(1) We arrive

(2) Park outside your property

(3) 200 ft of hoses

(4) We set up (appox 5 mins)

(5) Pre-spray your carpets or upholstery

(6) Re-pile your carpets

(7) Stain removal

(8) Steam clean your carpets

Why Agitate The Carpet?

commercial machinery-1Agitating the carpet before using a spray extraction machine is highly recommended for the best results. This process involves using an carpet agitating machine, which has contra-rotating brushes that lift and restore the carpet pile. By working the pre-spray deep into the pile, any dirt or grime is gently detached from the fibers, making it easier to extract. Not only does this make the extraction process quicker, but it also requires fewer wand passes, leaving the carpet drier. Additionally, because the mechanical action of the machine is gentle, it allows for the use of milder more eco-friendly cleaning products. This method is suitable for all types of carpets. For larger areas of carpet, and can save a significant amount of time, especially for big jobs.