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Carpet Re-piling Or Carpet Agitation Is What Happens Before Cleaning Carpets

Carpet re-piling, also known as carpet agitation, is what professional carpet cleaners do to restore the appearance and improve the longevity of carpets before the cleaning process. Over time, carpets can become flattened and worn due to foot traffic, heavy furniture placement, and general wear and tear.

Carpet re-piling involves using carpet agitators to lift the carpet fibers and restore the caret to their natural upright position. This process not only boosts the carpet’s appearance.

The benefits of carpet re-pilingĀ 

Carpet re-piling offers several benefits that go beyond simply improving the appearance of your carpet. Investing in a carpet cleaning cleaning company who use this technique can significantly extend the lifespan of your carpet and save you money in the long run.

One of the main advantages of carpet re-piling is its ability to prevent further damage to the fibers. Over time, foot traffic, furniture placement, and general wear and tear can cause the carpet fibers to become compressed and flattened, sometimes in nylon carpets they can mold together. This not only gives the carpet a worn-out look but also weakens the structure of the carpet.

Who should consider carpet re-piling?

Carpet re-piling is beneficial for a variety of customers.

Homeowners who have carpets with noticeable wear, flattened fibers, or matted areas can greatly benefit from this service.

Commercial establishments such as hotels, restaurants, and offices with high foot traffic can also benefit from carpet re-piling. Regular cleaning may not be enough to maintain the carpet’s appearance, and professional attention is required to revitalize the fibers.

Pet owners Additionally, individuals who own pets! Pet shedding: This is probably where our biggest custom comes from, whether you have a cat or a dog you will know how frustrating it is to constantly remove pet hair in your home, when we re-pile your carpet we will remove at least 95% of those pet hairs guaranteed.

We use several different brushes for varying carpet fibers, use Eco steam clean to re-pile your carpets. You won’t be disappointed!