Carpet Cleaning Tips

    • Water Based Paint Stain

      Carpet stains (emulsion paint)

      Water Based Paints

      Emulsion paint is quite easy to remove if you act quickly enough. The first thing you should do when you spill emulsion paint is to scoop up as much of the paint as you can with the help of a spoon or depending how big the spillage is, you may need a flat piece of cardboard to scoop it all off the carpet. Its important to ensure that when you are blotting or scooping up the paint, you don’t end up spreading the paint and making it worse.

      First of all, get a clean bucket or basin and put a spot of washing up liquid, then add some Luke warm water, you should have a soap mixture (not too soapy)

      What you need

      water based and acrylic paint removerA white hand towel and soak it into the soapy mixture, slightly squeeze , now start blotting away (don’t scrub) at the stain working from the outside inwards, once you have blotted up as much paint as possible, repeat, only this time use only Luke warm water. The idea is to eventually dilute the paint so much, that it disappears. Now finally dry the area with a clean white towel by placing the towel over the painrt spillage you’ll need to stand on the towel to absorb the stain or by wet vacuum pick-up if you have one.

    • Acrylic Paint Stains

      Carpet stains (artist acrylic paint)

      What you need
      water based and acrylic paint remover
      Acrylic Paints

      Acrylic paint is a kids favourite, if attended to immediately this stain will come out quite easily, It’s the exact same method as emulsion paint above: Only this time you may need to add a little turpentine prior to adding the soapy mixture. Other than that it’s the exact same process above.

    • Oil Based Gloss Paint Stains

      Carpet stains (gloss paint)

      What you need
      Oil Based Gloss Paints

      Oil based stains as we all know are very stubborn to remove. First of all remove any excess paint from the top with a dull knife or scraper. Once the excess paint is removed, you need add a little pure turpentine, white spirit or mentholated spirit. Blot the stain with a clean white towel. If the paint stain is already dry, then use one of the three components above but use tweezers or a soft bristle brush….by picking away at the paint. Keep alternating this blotting and picking process, agitating away at the paint until the stain is completely gone. Finally use a clean sponge dipped soapy Luke warm water. Use a wet vacuum pick up to clear air and carpet of any chemical smells.

    • Tea or Coffee Stains

      Carpet stains (tea & coffee)

      What you need
      Tea or Coffee remover
      Tea or Coffee

      Ahhhhh the old tea and coffee stains, Baking soda is the best ingredient for baking cakes but it is also very good at cleaning your carpet stains too. When your carpets come in contact with any sort of tea coffee or stain act quickly, use ½ cup of baking soda and sprinkle straight over the wet stain and leave for a few minutes, you will notice that after a few minutes bubbles and foam will start to appear and your coffee stains will start to break-up. At this point pour a cup of cold water over where the stain was, at this point you can start to clean the wet patch. Use a clean white towel by blotting the area…not scrubbing, or extract the area with a wet vacuum pick-up.

    • Chewing Gum, candle wax and-Sweets Stains

      Carpet stains (chewing gum)

      What you need
      ice cube
      Chewing Gum, candle wax and Sweets

      Two easy ways to remove chewing gum from your carpet without the need for a professional carpet cleaner in Liverpool. a) place an ice cube from the freezer straight on top of the chewing gum and leave for 5 minutes, the idea is to harden the chewing gum until it becomes brittle and breaks up, once the gum has hardened apply a set of tweezers and gently pick away at the gum until it’s completely removed. b) the second option is freeze spray that is generally used for sprains or strains, simply spray the freeze spray directly onto the gum and then apply the tweezers, same as above.

    • Carpet lines or indentations

      Carpet stains (carpet indentations)

      What you need
      ice cube
      Carpet lines or indentations

      Everyone has at one point noticed these annoying carpet indentations on the carpet, particularly more noticeable when moving around furniture, like coffee tables or sofas, unfortunately these marks will stay there for a long time if not treated straight away. Lay some ice cubes around the indentations on the carpet with spacing around one inch apart, best to do this before bedtime. When you wake-up in the morning your carpet will be as good as new. Other method (portable steamer and firm brush)

    • Blood Stains

      Carpet stains (blood)

      What you need
      blood remover

      Blood stains on your carpet can be permanent if cleaned incorrectly, I would like you to mix 1/2 cup club soda and 1 cup of water apply to the stain within the first few hours or you could be in trouble! remember never use hot water or a chemical or that stain will set in, use a clean sponge and dip it into the mixture, apply straight onto the stain and start blotting the stain vigorously BUT DON’T RUB . The soda-water combo will start to fizz.the idea is for the mixture to get underneath the blood stain and lift it to the top. PLACE TOWEL ON TOP OF STAIN AND STAND ON TOWEL repeat this process several times until the stain is completely gone.

    • Red Wine Stains

      Carpet stains (Red Wine)

      What you need
      Red Wine

      When cleaning red wine from you carpet you need to be very careful not to set the stain into the carpet, this can be done very easily using the wrong cleaning methods.

      What I would like you to to do is start Blotting the spillage with a white towel.

      Mix 1/2 teaspoon washing-up liquid and 1 full cup of hydrogen peroxide (no peroxide use cold water) into a small pot. Place a clean sponge into the mixture, squeeze the sponge slightly, then gently start blotting the stain. Repeat this process until the stain lifts. Dry by standing on towel.

  • Cat and Dog Urine

    Carpet stains (urine)

    What you need
    vinegar spray
    Cat and Dog Urine

    Cat and Dog urine, If not cleaned immediately will burn into the fibres of your carpet and leave a nasty ring around the stain that will NEVER come out! once that urine eventually dries you’ve had it… matter what you do so be warned you have to attend to cat and dog urine straight away.

    I will show you a quick and easy method for cleaning dog urine if you attend straight away.

    By following these methods below should leave your carpet, stain and odour free,.

    Firstly, place a white strong absorbent kitchen roll-towel over the urine stain, walk over the top of the kitchen roll and repeat the process until you have absorbed as much of the urine as possible. This will prevent the urine from seeping into your carpet underlay, which is another problem altogether (see below for underlay problems)

    Secondly, mix a ratio of 20/80 white vinegar and (cold water 80%) and shake into a clean spray bottle, remember to shake well for a few seconds. Put the spray bottle onto fine mist setting and NOT jet spray, Spray several squirts onto the urine and then reapply the kitchen towels again, once more walk on the kitchen towels until absorbing the 20/80 eliminator spray. Reapply once only, but don’t rub and you DON’T want to over wet the effected area.

    Thirdly, let the carpet dry naturally for 30 minutes then reapply with kitchen towels ONLY, the reason you leave it for 30 minutes is: after 30 minutes the moisture in your carpet will start to rise to the top of the carpet pile and then you can simply wipe away.

    Okay, what NOT to do, 1) DON’T apply heat from a hairdryer to the stain at anytime this will set in the proteins in the urine! 2) DON’T use a hand held steam cleaner on the stain at any time unless it has a vacuum on it, this will also set in the proteins in the urine.

For best best results use a wet vacuum pickup ASAP or if your in Merseyside UK, give us a call. 0151-384-5700.

Money saving advice

Please note: All tips and advice on this page are at owners own risk, we strongly advise testing out these methods on a area of the carpet out of sight or in the corner of the room.
We will not be held responsible for any attempted stain removal “gone wrong” which can easily happen!

We will certainly try and help our customers to save some money using these home remedies but the stark realty is that it will never be as professional as when we clean it!

Good Luck!