Dustmites at epidemic levels in UK homes!

You can’t see them but they’re millions of them in your home!

Experts report in 2016 that dustmites have been on the rise in the UK for the last 2 decades, and they’re even more noticeable in the last few years, warmer temperatures all year round, central heating, more travellers to other countries and recycled furniture has all had an effect on these blood suckers, they make their home in almost any fabric.

Are bed bugs sucking your blood at night?

Just one pregnant dustmite can produce 5000 babies, and belive it or not by regularly changing your bed sheets just isn’t enough to kill these little irritants, to live dustmite free you need to get your carpets. Sofas ,curtains, mattress steam cleaned on a regular basis (I would say at least every 6 months) Steam cleaning is guaranteed to eliminate 99.9% of these pests!

  • Sofa cleaning can cost as little as £35 for a two seater sofa!
  • Mattress cleaning can cost as little as £25 for a single!
  • Carpet cleaning can cost as little as £25 for a single bedroom

Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite!