Leather Sofa Cleaning Liverpool

Leather Sofa Cleaning LiverpoolLeather Sofa Cleaning Liverpool

Do you need a leather sofa cleaning in the Liverpool area?

For those looking for the best leather sofa cleaning in the Liverpool area, they need to look no further than Eco Steam Clean Liverpool Ltd. Boasting an extensive amount of knowledge and with over 25 years leather cleaning experience in the cleaning industry. We offer a wide range of services to not only clean your leather sofa but we will seal the sofa too, leaving it looking almost like new again.

What Type Of Leather Do You Have?

Leather cleaning in LiverpoolFor each individual piece of leather furniture, we will choose the most suitable cleaning products, depending on the type of leather. Pigmented leathers will usually be cleaned using a specialized eco friendly coconut lotion, whereas aniline leathers are often in need of a deep degreasing clean. Once cleaned, the furniture is then treated with a coating of natural leather sealer (coconut moisturizer).


This ensures the leather is protected even further and can help aid in long-term maintenance. The only real concern with some leathers is when a leather sofa has a high amount of dye transfer from dark trousers, jeans or even wet dark jackets, this is normally the case on white leather sofas or light cream in colour.


The Benefits of Regular Leather Sofa Cleaning

green leather sofa-before
Before Cleaning

As with many furniture items, regular maintenance and cleaning is vital for the life span and preservation of your leather sofa. The often neglected practice of sofa leather cleaning and sealing offers a whole host of benefits. From maximizing the lifespan of the leather to providing a clean and pleasant atmosphere, leather sofa cleaning is an important step in ensuring your furniture remains looking great and providing comfort for years to come.

Green leather sofa-after
After Cleaning

Leather is an incredibly durable material and it often holds up better than some other types of fabric furniture. However, leather will degrade over time, particularly when exposed to the sun, often when the sofa is in direct sunlight. Regular cleaning and sealing can help protect the material from UVB light, while periodically sealing it helps to nourish the leather material and keep it from cracking or developing dry patches. Another key benefit to regular leather sofa cleaning is its impact on texture. Leather can begin to feel different over time due to dust and grease build up, often suffering from a lack of suppleness and an overall rough feeling surface.

If you need a leather sofa, couch or corner suite cleaning in the Liverpool area then look no further than us. It’s not as expensive as you may think and we can normally book you in within a few days.

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