Terrazzo Floor cleaning


This was a terrazzo floor clean in Liverpool City Centre, 10 floors of terrazzo restoration,

Terrazzo Floor cleaning carpet cleaning liverpool

Cleaning or in this case restoring Terrazzo floors Isn’t as easy as general floor cleaning.

What is Terrazzo Floor? is a composite material, poured in place, mainly used for flooring because of it’s toughness and durability, the Terrazzo flooring consists of stone chips of marble, quartz, granite, glass and other materials, cement mixed with a polymer or synthetic plastics to create a bind, once poured into place other chips are sprinkled on top of the floor before it cures to dress the floor.  Once the floor cures it is then polished with diamond pads at various grades until a smooth finish.

How did we restore the floor?

We used a natural stone cleaner with a pH neutral,  eco-friendly cleaner that uses nano-energy to lift dirt and algae, we then used 2 grades of diamond pads to:

  • level off the flooring from bevels and dents
  • smooth the flooring for a clean sharp look.

This customer had some terrazzo sealer of his own and wanted to save money and seal the flooring them-selves, we did our bit to restore this beautiful floor, once cleaned the sealer has to be applied at least 24 hours of the clean as Terrazzo floors can hold moisture for up to 36 hours depending on weather conditions.

If you have a business in Liverpool or the Wirral that needs a Terrazzo floor cleaned or restored then give us a call.