Keep your carpets and furniture pet stain and hair free!

Routine Clean-up Schedule

If you own a house pet… like a cat, dog or even a rabbit you should ideally have your carpets and upholstery cleaned by Eco-Steam Clean Liverpool Ltd at least every six months. Regular professional cleaning is good for your pets, and good for you, as well as making everything look and smell cleaner, it also reduces:

  • Dust mites by 99%
  • Dust mite allergens by 99%
  • Mould spores by 97%
  • Cat allergens by 99%
  • Pet hair by 97%

It doesn’t matter how often and how well you vacuum your carpets , your home vacuum cannot do this . Domestic vacuum cleaners – at best – can remove the top layer of dirt from your carpets, and they cannot deal with pet hair; even the so-called ‘pet vacuums aren’t all that.

When employing a professional carpet cleaning company like Eco-Steam Clean Liverpool Ltd to clean carpets you not only get you carpets steam cleaned at 230 degrees  (no sopping wet carpets), we also provide free stain removal (no extra £10 per carpet like most of our competitors), and free re-piling with a dedicated re-piling machine, again, no extra charge.

Pictures speak a thousand words, so watch our video to see how it’s all done, and imagine how we can improve your home.

Step 1

We pre-spray your carpets with a 100% eco-friendly, bio-degradable and non toxic cleaning agent that won’t harm you, your family or your pets.

Step 2

We re-pile your carpet with a professional re-pling system that scrubs and agitates your carpet all the way down to the root of the fibres. This robust and powerful machine pulls up all the hairs from deep down inside the carpet fibres. Most people are pretty shocked at the giant hairballs we retrieve! Yuk!

Step 3

We provide free stain removal where stains are reasonably fresh and have not been ‘set-in’ by home bleaching products like vanish. (Don’t try this yourself, as chemicals reduce the chance that the stain being successfully removed (especially on pet urine.)

We are working on a video that explains the whole procedure at once, but for the moment check out these two videos that will give you a rough guess what we do to maintain your carpets.