Tips To Maintaining Your Porcelain Tiles

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Porcelain tile & grout cleaning in a conservatory in Liverpool

If you are an owner of porcelain tiles in your kitchen or bathroom, you might not notice any changes in its beautiful shine and vibrancy until a fairly lengthy time. Many homeowners don’t start to take notice of a degradation in quality until after a couple of years. It is key to keep up a regular cleaning regimen if you want your porcelain tiles to stay bright and maintain that smooth finish.

Regular Maintenance

You should give your tiles a good wipe down about twice a week, this will make it easier to spot any stray crumbs, dust mites, or leftover spills that will reduce the luster over time. All you need to do is sweep or wipe up with a damp microfiber cloth.

Every other month you should mop tile the floors with an eco-friendly cleaning solution and use a microfiber reusable Swifter. Make sure you allow your cleaning solution to set on the surface for at least five minutes before wiping away and rinsing with a clean mop and warm water. This should go like clockwork to prevent having to do so much work when it comes time to clean the house.

Now, remember, depending on the type of porcelain tiles you have, you may have to adjust your cleaning methods. It will either be polished, unpolished, glazed, unglazed, or textured. The above instructions will work for all types, but are recommended for unpolished/unglazed.

Textured, Polished, or Glazed Tiles

If you’re cleaning textured, polished, or glazed porcelain, you need to be a little extra careful. While porcelain is strong, it can dull quite easily over time. You can likewise lose texture if you are not careful.

You should break your cleaning routine up into different phases. Phase one, simple sweep and vacuum any dust or dirt. Next phase, introduce hot water and mop it up without using too much water to the point of puddling. If you need to scrub, use a soft bristle brush, like a toothbrush. Then, move onto using your tile cleaning solution (make sure it is non-acidic to avoid removing polish). Lastly, dry and buff your tiles with a microfiber cloth/sweeper.

If you are finding it difficult to get your porcelain tiles thoroughly cleaned and do not want to risk over-cleaning or applying too much scrubbing, you should seek out more reliable and proven means. Using a service like Hard floor cleaning is a great way to safely and affordably clean porcelain tiles without needing harsh abrasives or chemicals.

What not to do with Porcelain Tiles

Bad technique and unsanctioned cleaning products are the most common ways that porcelain tiles are damaged or blemished at home. Whatever you do, avoid doing any of the below:

  • Do not buy any products that use ammonia or bleach in them. Even if it isn’t immediately apparent, these can and will discolor your tiles and grout. Also, avoid cleaners that are oil-based.
  • If your tiles aren’t glazed, then pay special attention to products that are colored, these can stain your tiles.
  • Never attempt to use abrasive scrubbers like steel wool, as they will not only scratch your tile, they can leave microscopic shards in your grout and rust, causing discoloration.
  • No acid-based cleaners. Even mild acid washes can fade your colours and dull your porcelain’s polish. No matter how extreme you believe your cleaning needs are, you shouldn’t get desperate, as you could really warp your tiles’ consistency.
Final Thoughts

You either spend more time cleaning your porcelain tiles or you hire a professional cleaning company like ours to get the job done safely and swiftly. Porcelain will last you for the life of your home if you stay on top of things and keep dust and dirt from ever accumulating. Just keep a handy microfiber cloth within reach and do your routine mopping, that’s all it will take for 90% of your cleaning needs. For homes with high-traffic areas, you can’t afford to slack on maintenance, it will cost you much more time and money if you procrastinate or do a half-baked cleaning job yourself.