Rubber Floor Cleaning

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Watch us clean this rubber floor, removing ink marker without damaging the rubber; not the easiest surface to clean! PH cleaning products only and a lot of scrubbing with our scrubber.

Rubber Floors Are Notoriously Difficult To Clean

July 2022 We cleaned a very large area of rubber flooring in a University in Liverpool, not the easiest to clean when its never been professionally cleaned in 12 years! We’ve never been a company to shy away from a hard floor cleaning challenge, taking on the challenges by the scruff of the neck is what you have to do in this industry. I would caution any company who are a bit blasé with little or no prior cleaning experience.

What Could Go Wrong!?

  • Using non PH cleaners could cause discoloration of the rubber, the rubber will almost certainly lighten and will ne noticeable. always use a number 7 PH cleaner to prevent discoloration.
  • Over wetting rubber can cause it to smell, water can get into the rubber pores and it could take considerably longer to dry, always use less water than you think you may need, damp mop is the preferred method to remove residue.
  • Over wetting can cause the joins to come away and moisture could get down the sides and joins which could lead to all-sorts of bother, again damp mop.
  • Over wetting could cause shrinkage.
  • Never use solvents on rubber, most solvents will melt rubber and could cause you massive problems.

These are only a few things that could potentially go wrong when cleaning rubber flooring.

The Correct Way

  • Always use a PH cleaner.
  • Spray area with PH cleaner do not mop into the flooring.
  • Allow 10-15 minutes dwelling time before scrubbing, this allows the PH cleaner to do its job.
  • Use a floor scrubber with brushes, preferably soft bristles, never over agitate.
  • Wet vacuum to remove most of the dirt and residue.
  • Always damp mop to remove residue
  • To finish damp mop with cold water to remove residue
  • Repeat the damp mop method until residue is fully removed

Rubber flooring isn’t easy to clean however, if you ask the client to provide a sample tile for you to practice on then your success rate of cleaning this flooring to an expectable level will increase massively. Good luck!


We cleaned this floor in a store in Liverpool called World’s apart. Have a look at the video!