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Eco Steam Clean Liverpool Ltd are the number one option when it comes to steam carpet cleaning in Liverpool/Merseyside. We are a friendly bunch, but that’s not why people come back to us year after year! Our customers have given us video reviews to highlight what we do best.

They come back to us because we also deliver outstanding services, clean better, get out more stains, and have more experience than other carpet cleaner companies in Liverpool. We don’t make excuses, we leave that to our competitors!

The eco-friendly approach to cleaning was once considered as an alternative and represented a very small section of the industry but that’s no longer the case.

Eco Steam Clean Liverpool don’t use chemicals on your carpets, instead favoring steam (hot water) that strips your carpet of dirt much more effectively and without harming the environment.

We also eliminate 99% of all dust mites living in your carpets, with our re-piling system your allergies from extensive pet stains & hairs will improve immediately.

Why We’re The Best Carpet Cleaners In Liverpool

We’re the best carpet cleaners in Liverpool because of our superior experience and equipment. We’ve been in business for over 25 years and our truck mounted system is the best in the industry. Our BICs trained staff are some of the most qualified in the country, and we’re part of the 3 best rated carpet cleaners in Liverpool.

We offer deals and discounts that are unbeatable, and our service is both eco friendly and affordable.

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10 Step Steam Cleaning Process


It doesn’t matter whether your carpet is old or new, whether its a regular modern carpet from your local supermarket or you have a beautiful camel carpet, Eco Steam Clean Liverpool Ltd will know exactly how to clean your carpets.


We’ll carry out a thorough inspection of the carpet that’s to be steam cleaned. We will make notes of any permanent damage, noticeable pet stains, or any distinguishable marks that may affect the cleaning process.

Power Vacuuming

We use a 10,000 watt power vacuum that is attached to our steam cleaning wands, this proven system will remove around 99% of dust particles in the carpet.

Agitating The Carpet

We use a professional high powered agitator from Cleantec innovation, agitating a carpet helps loosen the fibres in the carpet, this then enables a more thorough clean and aids in end result.

Stain Removal

If you have any stubborn stains in the carpet, we’ll give them extra attention with our spot cleaning products. 99% of all stains are removable if you act quickly enough.


Your carpet will be thoroughly steam cleaned using our state of the art truck mounted steam cleaning generator. Each carpet may require a different cleaning temperature and this will all be adjusted accordingly depending on the color, condition, and under floor surface of your carpet. Our machines can reach temperatures of up to 230 degrees Fahrenheit.


Your carpet may be groomed if required.

Fast Drying

A controlled drying environment and full ventilation is needed to dry carpets, and avoid smells. We can dry your carpets within an hour of cleaning it, if you require this service please request it during the booking process as it will incur an additional cost.


One final inspection from us to make sure everything is looking good.

Pet Stains

poodleWe love animals but we know that they have their moments. We can get rid of the usual ‘accidents’ and keep things smelling fresh in your home.

The key to pet stain removal is speed. While you’ll probably be used to cleaning small stains, if you experience something worse, you can risk making it worse.

Urine and excrement will generally dye your fibres, so you can’t simply get rid of them by rubbing. As well as smelling bad, urine will burn carpet fibres and leave an embarrassing ring around the stain.

Don’t risk your carpet – call us immediately and if you’d like to find out more¬† about pet hair removal.


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