Maintaining Vinyl Floors

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Glue removal on a vinyl floor in Wavertree-Liverpool

How to Maintain a Vinyl Floor after Installation

Vinyl floors look amazing for their value, it is a popular upgrade for homeowners looking for a low-fuss solution for hard floors. Installing vinyl floors is relatively easy, but it can be a messy affair, especially for first-timers. You’ll have plenty of cleaning up to do, and in order to insure the job gets done correctly the first time, you’ll want a plan of attack to save yourself the stress. We’ve put together an easy-to-follow guide of cleaning and maintaining your vinyl flooring; print it out, email a friend, and remember eco steam clean for vinyl cleaning and sealing.

Getting rid of leftover glue

If your vinyl floors aren’t the adhesive-free locking style, you’ll probably find spots where glue was pushed to the surface. Even the most professional installations can leave a thin layer of glue at the seams. The best way to remove glue and not damage the floors is to use a special acetone floor stripper to break the glue down, then use a soft scrapper to push it off.

Scrapping should only be attempted after allowing the acetone solution to set for the recommended time on the product label. It should take a few minutes, at least. Then, you’ll want to take your scrapper and slide it into the glue without applying too much force onto the floor itself. If you find yourself struggling to move the glue, let it sit in the acetone for a few more minutes.

Three-Part Clean-up

Now that you have all visible traces of glue removed, you’re going to want to do a thorough cleaning to have a nice base to start on, making future housecleaning quicker and painless.

  1. First, go over your floors with a vacuum or broom and get all large debris swept up. This is important to do before reaching for a mop, as it is all too common for hair, dirt, and foreign objects to get pushed around and never picked up while mopping.
  2. Next, do a soap-free rinse of your floors with water. This is to avoid having to expose your floors to heavy cleaners and should be the standard method of cleaning for your vinyl floors as long as no one tracks in mud from wearing shoes in the house. That’s right, if you want to maintain your floors, you’re going to need to adopt a household rule of NO shoes in the house. Invest in some plastic overshoes to put at the door.
  3. Finally, if you feel that your floors are not clean enough, you can mix an apple cider vinegar solution, one cup per 5 liters of warm water, to clean your floors without needing harsh chemicals.

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